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About Us

Alice Tribedi is a published poet as well as a multi-skilled professional performer in dance, choral singing, stand-up comedy, West End theatre, film, and exercise teacher for the 60 plus population as well as providing singalong entertainment for care home residents, for which she was awarded UK Community Coach of the Year. Her evocative and lyrical poems address modern social themes within classic forms.
Read Alice's Heroine's Journey 
Marek Tribedi left his job as a senior people manager with Lloyds Bank to become a professional musician, providing musical support for his wife Alice in care home entertainment as well as writing original music to accompany Alice's poetry performances as Words2Music. Marek's greatest creative enjoyment comes from providing a sonic interpretation of Alice's lyrical poetry.
Words2Music are the perfect fusion of Alice's heartfelt poetry and Marek's ambient musical backdrop. We are a duo specialising in a crossover fusion of spoken word and ambient music in the experimental tradition of multimedia performance and art installation.

Our performances are perfect for a wide range of settings: Cabaret, Arts centres, National Trust recitals, Fine Art Exhibitions and thought-provoking corporate events, flexibly accomodating customised themes.

The fusion of lyrical poetry with an atmospheric musical backdrop has roots in the Art Music of Lieder.

Words2Music draws on that tradition and transforms it into a modern, compelling performance form which stands credence either as a standalone offering or to enhance the context of other art or beautiful surroundings.

The imagery brought to life by Alice's poetic adventures, which often address current social themes in classical form, is subtly echoed and emphasised by semi-improvised ambient music with symphonic and orchestral overtones. There are also lighter moments with humourous stories and songs which create variety and intrigue alike.

These performances lead the listener into a multi-dimensional experience like no other, which will leave a lasting impression of symbiotic aesthetic art at its finest.
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